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The following activity is an excellent resource for working on aspects such as reading comprehension in a pleasant and original way. To do this, we will perform the exercise of lost words, but the texts we will use are very special. They are carols, so I'm sure this activity will love your students. Depends on the course in which we meet, we can vary the level of exercise; for example, by putting the carols back together and that they will complete the lyrics of the song; or spit it once and then they fill the gaps.


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complete villancicos

We have good news to tell you, after a year's work and with my partner Toni Toral and the help of all the Orientation team Andújar, our creative writing books will be on May 5th in all the bookstores and large distribution chains.


This creative writing book is intended for children 6 and 7 years to develop their creativity and imagination. We do not aspire to get proper use of the rules of grammar or spelling, it is too soon for that.

We intend to put wings to the ingenuity, talent, creativity, linguistic ability so that from young people they lose fear of a blank folio. Creating, inventing, naming, renouncing, getting out of impossible situations with elegance, giving opportunity to describe unusual states, diverging in lyric soups, inventing what no one has ever done. This is the ocean of short, crazy, diverse, varied and fun activities contained in this book. The varied catalogue will help categorize, exercise and analyze various types of information and memories.

This creative writing book is intended for children 7 and 8 years of age to develop their imagination and capabilities.

In this book besides working the creation of new words, the answers to compromised questions and other simple activities at the same time as insights, we invite the future speakers of the word to invent recipes with unworthy ingredients, to string words with their latest syllables, find anagrammed vocabulary, invent triálogos or what is the same a conversation to three discrete bands, to become a secret agent little verses.

This book of creative writing is intended for children 8 and 9 years of age to start an office as old as it is to imagine stories and put them in writing.

We do not attend systematized writing techniques, but in this notebook it is intended to give freedom to creativity and intuition that are guiding the activities with some simple indications, for example, to bear in mind the main parts of a narrative: the beginning, the knot and the outcome.

Lost Words In Villancicos NAVIDEÑOS

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